Why Is Coffee Not Working For You?

The world’s favourite stimulant provides amazing punch in a soul-sapping fitness regime, but you can’t get too reliant on it. That’s because once you pass over a certain threshold it will cease to do anything besides sparking withdrawal symptoms. While other stimulants simply require you to take a larger dose to get an effect, caffeine just slams the door in your face. I’ll describe the why.

You’re Probably Overbreathing, And That’s Killing Your Gains

Something has essential as breathing is naturally going to take a while if you’re on a road of redemption. But the upsides make this worth the wait. Dysfunctional breathing is pervasive, and can be seriously restricting your energy and focus, all without you realising. Simply lending some attention to the problem will have immediate effects on your routine. And in this quest of building your best body, you’re going to need to find your perfect routine.