Introducing The Fit Awakening Programme

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It may be time to hit the reset button on your fitness routine. In all likelihood, there are at least several crucial sides you’re missing out on, and your progress is suffering for it.

What if I were to tell you that there’s more to weight loss than calories in vs calories out?

That your slow metabolism is not a genetic curse, but something that can be fixed?

And that you might need to train less in order to see results?

These may seem hard to believe, but we can back them up through the execution of five daily steps. With these, you’re chances of climbing the ladder get a whole lot more promising.

The trail for building your greatest body may well take more than the usual twin threat of excessive exercise and pitiful food portions. You may be making ground, enough to spot a change in the mirror every few weeks, but it could be so much better.

There’s much more to shape change, beyond the sum of caloric deficits and strength training. An army of issues could be hauling you back every day and every step, keeping you from being able to move and feel at your true maximum capacity.

It just takes some introspection. Do you tend to brim with energy, calm, focus? Or is this state of mind coming around once in a blue moon?

The Fit Awakening comes weaponised with five daily steps for tackling classic problems head-on, giving you the blueprints to achieve sharper muscles and a stronger soul.

You don’t have to settle for just looking better. Feel the part.

1. Fast

The Problems – Bloating. Evening Overeating. Cravings. Willpower

The Lowdown – Insulin resistance acts as a brake on fat loss, causing frustrating plateaus. With the cost of 16-22 hours of empty plates, you can get the body to reverse that trend.

How Long Should You Fast?

2. Focus

The Problems – Brain Fog, Procrastination, Anxiety, Mood Swings

The Lowdown – Where the mind goes, the body follows. The brain can get swamped by stress and fog, that then manifests in physiological barriers. Meditation and breathing routines allow the mind to de-stress and improve productivity.

How You Can Mould Your Brain

3. Fuel

The Problems – Digestive Distress, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue

The Lowdown – The gut is often known as the second brain. An unhealthy stomach causes poor digestion and piles more abuse on inflammation and stress. Rebuilding the microbiome and reducing irritant foods will enable better mental and digestive performance.

Building The Apex Diet

4. Train

The Problems – Joint Pain, Small Muscles

The Lowdown – Move every weight by contracting the muscle. Master technique for more gains with less effort. Set-Up. Stabilise. Initiate.

Lift With Technique Over Intensity

5. Sleep

The Problems – Chronic Fatigue, Slow Metabolism, Brain Fog

The Lowdown – Your true maximum capacity can be masked under poor sleep quality. Win the night, and you’ll be in a far better position to go ahead and win the day.

The Caveman Guide To Fixing Your Sleep

Build a body that feels as good as it looks. Head to the Apex Blueprint to see the guides.

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