More Isn’t Better. Better Is Better.

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Building the body of your dreams isn’t going to be as simple as jamming your foot down on the gas pedal.

The standard motivated lifter with an axe to grind will naturally be sucked into the habit of adding more sets, more reps, more training days, in order to spark the muscles into growth.

With this route, you’re making progress happen by adding more time. And it’s inefficient. It works, till you run out of days in the week.

If the technique still blows, then picking out some high-intensity programme that ramps up the volume won’t get you far.

The novel stimulus of training twice on a Monday will eventually wear off. And how do you kick things up from there?

That’s why taking a step back and learning how to move each weight with the muscle can be a game-changer.

Weights are arbitrary numbers. Curling 50kg won’t automatically get the biceps bigger. That weight could easily be shared across the shoulders, the traps, and lower back.

You have to make sure the tension gets driven towards the target muscle.

Bring the technique up to scratch before you go for the Hail Mary of training regimes. Better gets you better.

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