Pairing Fasting With Low Carbs For Peak Fat Loss

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I’ve written a few topics on the benefits of fasting, against that of low carbs. Showing why it’s normally the matter of which blends in better with the daily routine. But now it’s worth posing the question for the fit folk who want the best and the fastest progress, no matter what mountain they have to shift. Why not both?

And I can tell you, it’s more than possible.

The main issue with mixing them into one mean cocktail, is that it’s going to be a jarring change to your routine. Not only are you skipping breakfast now, but you’re also unable to get your coco pop fix over lunch. That sort of major upheaval comes will challenge your willingness to comply with diet law.

For beginners, I can’t really recommend it. Get the wheels off the ground first before you start dreaming up acrobatics.

People who have earned some badges by pushing through some sort of a consistent diet over six months, this is a definite option that carries promise.

It’s just a question of whether you can let go of both breakfast and carbs in one go. If you’re working with tight holiday deadlines, or you’re curious to see what the body can cope with, then keep reading. The ultimate fix may be knocking.

The key reason adding in low carbs can make for a smoother diet, is that sugar is ultimately going to potentially spark insulin, hunger and encourage binge eating once the fast is over. This is going to be a bigger issue in beginners with low self-restraint and significant insulin resistance.

To dive further into this, check out my guide – 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Swapping in meals high in fats and protein, is going to circumvent that lunch landmine by continuing to keep the body in a fasted state.

The lack of carbs can be costly during high-intensity weight sessions, leading to drops in strength, but that can be mitigated by adding in simple sugars around training.

The body and brain will continue to adapt to the new status quo over the first few weeks. It may feel impossible and desperate for periods, but energy can only get better from here,

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