You Need Exercise Variety In Order To Gain Muscle

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This is a point where most people end up tripping up. You pick up a few exercises at the beginning of your gym career, and they feel fantastic from the get-go. The muscles swell up, the weight starts to climb, and you figure that that’s all you need. There’s little reason to search around for more novelty exercises when the current batch works so well.

Sticking to the same movements throughout training will lead to progress flatlining. The muscle needs to be put through a series of greater stresses in order to adapt, and simply adding weight to the bar inevitably stops working at a point.

Unless you’re happy to settle for perching on the plateau, there needs to be a steady stream of new exercises in the routine. That doesn’t mean the extreme of hitting the randomise button and going brand new each session. If you’re adding two or three exercises per muscle every few weeks, then that’s more than enough to keep progress running on schedule.

Monotony in training is something that people end up settling for, and it’s generally a step made far too early

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