Book Recommendation Of The Week – Why We Sleep

In case you’re going to make the plan to smarten up in the new year and embark on the one book per week challenge. Beyond that, it’ll be well worth keeping a few audiobooks handy for the hours of slogging through mind-numbing cardio.  I’ll be recommending a book every week, until I run out of …

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Client Spotlight – Gwyn

While running the Try Thai noodle bar in Wrexham, Gwyn’s been doing an unbelievable job refusing to sample his recipes. There’s not much going for you if you’re trying to shed weight often the festive season, but he’s been stubbornly sticking at it. Plateaus have come and gone, and that’s due to the power of …

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24 Hour Fast Update : It Actually Lasted 40 Hours

Going for a full day of no eating turned out to be a lot easier than expected. So I went a bit further just so I could stick with my tradition of 12PM break fast. Annoyingly, I didn’t manage to get any hallucinations along the way, but did experience mild euphoria and moments of zen. …

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Fit Diaries : Is 24 Hour Fasting Good For Weight Loss?

This is the before part of my 24 hour transformation. Logging in at 87.7kg. Excited to see what the near future holds for me! In all seriousness, this higher-than-normal fast will just be a chance for me to test out a couple of things. What difference a bit of water loss can make to the …

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Client Spotlight – Sue

Juggling the issues of hyperactive and flu-friendly kids takes up first place on Sue’s priority list, but she’s still been able to drop weight from a shape that was slim to begin with. The waist and hips and each plummeted by three whole inches, but thanks to the power of hip thrusts, the legs look …

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Client Spotlight – Matt

Matt’s been doing brilliantly with a blend of intermittent fasting and keto dieting over the past few months. With a healthy dosing of weights.  He’s lost a monster five inches from the waistline, two more from the hips, while keeping the chest and arms intact. It helps having a holiday down under to prep for, …

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30 Days Of Fasts and Weights

Introduction : Taking Fat Loss To A New Stage – My New Diet Ebook Is there more to weight loss than the simple struggle of keeping up a caloric deficit? Ultimately this is the critical aspect that everyone needs to get on lock before they start finding ways of making the diet game excessively complicated.  …

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