A 30 Day Challenge Of Fasting And Lifting

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Is there more to weight loss than the simple struggle of keeping up a caloric deficit? Ultimately this is the critical aspect that everyone needs to get on lock before they start finding ways of making the diet game excessively complicated. 

Calories in Vs Calories out.

problem with supplements

The mundane formula taken from Newton’s Fourth Law Of Thermodynamics. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, so your body mass will be dictated by the sum of calories being eaten, weighed against the calories being burnt up for various processes such as running a mile and staying alive till the next day. If you just eat mince pies for the week, but keep them to just four or five per day without giving into the temptation of whacking on the extra cream, you’re going to lose weight. 

The problem that crops up here, is that it’s going to make you feel lousy and lethargic. That’s understandable, because you might as well be eating a plate of sugar and calling it a day. It feels great in the very immediate short term, but that little high can quickly turn to self-loathing and an increased yearning for another bite. So it’s miserable and hard to sustain without overeating and jarring that magic energy formula.

Let’s make things less dramatic, and fill your day up with plates of chicken and rice instead. This is the diet of choice for the vast majority of lifters, and it has been since the 1950’s. High in protein, low on fat, with plenty of room for the comfort of carbs. It’s decidedly more healthy than throwing in sugar bombs, and can be easily managed to fit inside a caloric deficit, but there’s still an element that might need fixing. This is the next stage of dieting. 

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