What I Learned From Attempting A 40 Hour Fast

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Going for a full day of no eating turned out to be a lot easier than expected. So I went a bit further just so I could stick with my tradition of 12PM break fast. Annoyingly, I didn’t manage to get any hallucinations along the way, but did experience mild euphoria and moments of zen. I could easily have gone further, but I’d already set my meal up and didn’t have the heart to waste it.

Now to draw up the research conclusions.

I look more shredded, with a bit of right ab popping out there. That’s a huge score for longer-than-usual intermittent fasting.

I lost 2.1kg, and it’ll be interesting to see what the rebound will be like tomorrow. That’ll give an idea of just how much of that weight is water. Great point for people who want to shed weight fast before their wedding weigh-in.

There were three waves of hunger that I can’t describe being more than mild, lasting for 15-30 minutes or so. That’s basically going to be less than someone trying to survive on 1200 calories in the day. Inadequate calories can just flare the hunger up, much more so than the pure absence of calories. Fasting is start to look promising.

I lifted 110kg for 6 on the Smith Incline Bench today, and strength didn’t feel much different at all. Those are standard numbers for me. The biggest change was that getting a pump was impossible. Nothing there to pump up.

But it did mean I could go for more reps because I didn’t feel the lactic acid burn.

Research Findings

Overall, fasting shows signs of immense promise for the purposes of quick fat loss, and it might be something I will start to do more. So you may hear me talking about it again in the future. Stay tuned.

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