Genesis Fitness Personal Training Spotlight – Gwyn

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While running the Try Thai noodle bar in Wrexham, Gwyn’s been doing an unbelievable job refusing to sample his recipes.

There’s not much going for you if you’re trying to shed weight often the festive season, but he’s been stubbornly sticking at it. Plateaus have come and gone, and that’s due to the power of adherence. The single best quality of any routine.

And after adherence? Strength training to get the muscle back from his climbing days as a tree surgeon, coupled with a Low Carb routine that has gradually broken down his insulin resistance. If you want to hear more about the insulin problem, you can head to my three-part series on the origins of the metabolic epidemic.

The Story So Far In Inches:

Arms – 15 🔻 14.5

Chest – 49 🔻 47

Waist – 46 🔻 43

Hips – 46 🔻 43

Thigh – 23 🔺 24

And that’s not counting the radical transition of his cheekbones, which I regret not measuring beforehand.

He’s started a strength block with me now, building towards a host of huge new PBs, 11 weeks from now. 

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