The Fast Way To Fat Loss – A Free 30 Day Fasting Programme

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The Fast Way To Fat Loss – Skip Breakfast, Lift Heavy⠀

Weight loss is easy. Maintaining it, not so much. But that’s what it takes to reach the results. A programme that actually changes the way your metabolism works.

If this is your first stab at fasting, I’ll be covering all the reasons why it’s one of the most durable and effective diets out there.#

If you’ve already been testing these waters, there’s going to be some protocols that will get you to the next level.

The blueprint here is to push past the fluff and build a diet and training strategy that will push on and deliver regardless of how many failed attempts you’ve already stacked up. ⠀

These methods are backed by scientific research and I’ve set them up here to boost adherence over the 30 days, allowing the best possible results that your body can conjure up. ⠀

Why You May Want To Try This Programme

It takes a good heap of motivation to throw drastic changes over your lifestyle. You’re signing up for what’s likely to include a lot of suffering. And your current fitness routine may be coasting along. Why would you invite change at this point? ⠀

I wouldn’t claim this programme is a fit for everyone. Even most people, for that matter. Making hard and fast fixes to your diet and training regimes can be a test too far for people who prefer to coast along. ⠀

But it is highly effective at what it does, and that’s giving you a challenge that could take your physical and mental shape to an altogether better level. ⠀

Before we begin, I’ll outline the primary goals of Fast Away The Fat.⠀

  1. Targeted Fat Loss

Shedding unwanted pounds is the main priority here. Over this programme, you’ll expect to lose 2-3lbs per week. That may not be as much as other diet books are promising these days, but it will succeed in a way that most of them fail. For one, the fat is going to make the majority of the weight lost. And that leads to the second point: It’s sustainable. A higher rate could be promised, but only at the cost of shedding muscle to get there. It may feel great to watch the numbers tick over every time you climb on the scales, but that well runs dry pretty quickly.

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2. Muscle Gain

There is every chance for seemingly improbable to happen. That is if you follow the accompanying resistance programme. You absolutely can build muscle on a deficit if you’re a beginner, coming in with less than a year of consistent training. Even if you’re perched a little further on, making smart improvements to the way you wield a dumbbell can force the body into making some upgrades.

That being said, the potential here for muscle gain is going to be highly dependent on your training age. But I wouldn’t dwell on that topic for long. Simply holding onto muscle while dropping fat is going to have the result of making you look fuller and stronger. 

3. Improved Energy

Whether you’re reading this from the comforts of an office desk, or stealing a quick breath between shifts of lugging bags of cement, this programme is going to freshen up your game. The diet and lifting protocols will jolt the body moving in a direction that won’t just make you physically fitter. And that’s just as well, because what you perceive as energy isn’t just down to how many calories you have left in the tank.

4. A Habit Building Machine

30 days won’t be enough to arrive at any remotely ambitious transformation. That can take months, possibly years. But it will make for the perfect platform. Fast Way To Fat Loss is a deep dive into a consistent weekly regime that repays the sweat with a steady stream of results. The best thing? It gets easier. These fasts are habit friendly, grooving you into a healthy routine that’s simple to practice and hard to give up. Continuing from here won’t look so daunting if you’re looking and feeling better by the day.

The Fast Way To Fat Loss is yours to try, for absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up to the weekly Apex newsletter!

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