Fit Fixes – 30 Hacks For 30 Days – #1

This is going to be a part of an ongoing series, that will stretch out over the next month. They will cover possible upgrades that you can make for your mental and physical game. We’ll be covering the simple ones, so I’m not going to start suggesting that you should be getting up at 2AM to top up on hydration levels. You don’t have to follow every single one, because I don’t want to give you the impression that there’s at least 30 changes that you need to be making to your current lifestyle. Instead, see if any of these seem applicable for your current situation, and set off from there.

#1 Using a SAD Lamp in the morning

While you’re not necessarily going to be waking up grinning from ear to ear, this could definitely increase alertness levels and prevent mood swings created by the fact that it’s still pitch black outside.

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and is a legitimised way of treating people who get the wintry blues. And even if you don’t feel particularly afflicted, consider that most people don’t notice suppressed energy and mood levels. They simply adapt to it, and treat it as the norm.

Your internal body clock is sensitive to a few things besides it’s own mechanical rhythm. One of those, is light. Which tends to be a problem up here. Shining a bright lamp in your face can trick your brain into assuming that it’s sunrise, making it time to boot up all systems.

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