Use Forest Bathing To Bring Down Cortisol Levels

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This is part of an ongoing series, that will stretch out over the next month. It’s more or less going to be a daily fixture. They will cover possible upgrades that you can make for your mental and physical game. Feel free to pick out the ones you like and leave the rest for another day. We don’t have to make getting fit too complicated.

The Issue – The modern lifestyle is massively stress sensitive, and that’s in need of balance and relief.

Forest bathing, a term originating from Japanese culture where it’s a popular pastime, simply means taking a stroll in a place of nature. This is a great idea regardless, being able to call a time-out on the hustle of life, but there’s also real physiological weight to it.

A 10-20 minute walk in nature has been shown to reduce cortisol levels significantly, which can otherwise run rampant with the stress triggers of a modern lifestyle. 

The quest of mental wellbeing can hinge on your ability to manage cortisol. If it’s allowed to build up to hit chronic levels, it’ll drive you to a state of constant irritability and susceptibility to panic. That’s not a great mindset to be locked in. 

Whether you can simply hook-up a VR headset and load some digital foliage is debatable, there’s more to forest bathing than the sights and sounds. So you’re best off finding a spot nearby that has at least two or three trees hedged together.

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