Fit Fixes #5 – Struggling To Add Enough Fats To Your Diet? Drown Your Plate In Olive Oil

This is part of an ongoing series, that will stretch out over the next month. It’s more or less going to be a daily fixture. They will cover possible upgrades that you can make for your mental and physical game. Feel free to pick out the ones you like and leave the rest for another day. We don’t have to make getting fit too complicated.

The Fit Conundrum– Trying to eat clean often ends up with fat intake crashing down to damaging levels.

Dropping out on fast food and sticking with the traditional diet double trouble of chicken and broccoli can leave dreadfully bereft of a major nutritional group. It’s not the lack of carbs that’s a problem, the body needs an approximate zero sugar in order to survive. Instead, we need to talk fat.

You can’t jump on a low fat diet and expect some smooth sailing. Fat forms the building blocks of hormones, contributes the most to the brain’s structure, and is generally a necessity. Without adequate fat intake, hunger is going to be a constant, and meals will rarely fill you for longer than an hour. So you need to be dosing by at least 20% of your total calories. As a minimum. 

On a 2000 calorie diet, that’s 44g of fat. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but you’re not getting anywhere near that ballpark if you’re going to shun all the foods that you deem unhealthy. That’s fatty meat, dairy, nut butters, and so on.

But there’s a simple solution. It couldn’t be easier. Just wait till your plate’s set up in front of you, and get hold of a decent bottle of olive oil, the plastic ones don’t qualify here. Depending on your calorie budget, you can opt to just drape it over the top of the vegetables, or keep pouring till the chicken starts to float.

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