Client Spotlight – Jon

Jon’s started off 2020 well, rejoining the barbell squad and losing an inch off his waist! It’s just another one month progress picture, and I’m starting to look like I specialise in tricking people into crash dieting. But this isn’t the case, it’s been a matter of rooting out the classic suspects in the diet, …

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Can You Gain Weight On Low Carbs?

I’ve been gradually transitioning towards a low carb diet over the past few months, and my metabolism is now officially fat-based. I wouldn’t call it a self-experiment. It’s been years of gradually tightening up the nutritional side, which has eventually led me to clamp down on carbs altogether. Believe it or not, it’s actually easier …

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Fit Fix #15 – Hungry, Tired And Getting The Shakes on Low Carbs?

Going for a keto style diet may seem like an attractive option at first, but often it ends up being a lousy adventure that you quickly back out from. Shaking, fatigue, brain fog are all side effects that typically follow. So you figure that your metabolism just can’t deal without carbs. Most of the time, …

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Client Spotlight – Ellie

Another client who’s raced out of the blocks early for an amazing one month transformation. Haven’t even had time to get out the tape for the second batch of measurements! It’s early, and momentum can dip over the course of a diet, but thankfully fasting and strength-focused programmes are designed with long term change in …

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Get Stable To Get Stronger

It’s easy to get swept away in the pursuit of piling more plates on the bar. It’s the biggest indicator of progress in the gym, the key ingredient to gaining and preserving muscle. But gritting your teeth and training as hard as you can makes for a high risk, low reward affair. Once the bar …

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Protein Shakes Are Not Just For Gaining Muscle

If you’re wondering whether to dabble in the protein shake market, but aren’t sure whether it’s right for the weight loss toolkit, here are the facts. Protein is the most satiating calorie, makes you feel full without causing bloating, and protein powder is almost exclusively protein!  Does protein make you gain muscle? Quite possibly, but …

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Online Coaching Is In Development

For all of you folks lucky enough to sling weights with me, I have an extra slice of fitness & lifestyle management coming your way.  The membership section will be piggybacking my new website, and will provide each client with a dashboard containing their plans, progress, fasting protocols, and more.  Providing it works a treat …

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Fit Fix #12 – Make Cardio A Breeze

So it’s time to finally add more running into your regime. Hopping on a treadmill and setting off on a decent trundle, you stare at the wall in front of you while the playlist starts to kick in.  “Don’t look at the time.” “Ah shit.” “It’s been 20 seconds.” Making cardio into a mind-numbing necessity …

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Slow Down Your Breathing To Perform Better

Despite what the high intensity flash-in-the-pan programmes would have you believe, the bulk of fat loss and muscle gain is made in the hours spent outside the gym, during moments where you don’t have an unusually upbeat instructor barking in your ear.  Physical progress hinges on your ability to recover from abuse and come back …

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Does Low Carbs Increase Athletic Performance?

Research Recap – Does Low Carbs Help Athletes There’s a pretty decent study from last month on a topic that has rarely been given a second glance. The use of low carbs for assisting performance. We know it can be a boost for fat loss, and mental energy, but can it actually make you a …

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