Bulk Report – The Abs Are Fading

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I made a point way back when I started this bulk, that this was going to be kept lean. No binging. No license for constant junk food. Gaining weight is a slow process if you’re actually after real muscle, rather than a load of blubber. 

I’ve gained about 4kg, which is perfect for the 12 weeks of gaining I’ve done so far, and strength is now hitting peak levels after the double whammy of a christmas followed by a nasty bout of flu. In moments like that, you just have to batten down the hatches, wait it out, and start rebuilding.

I’m eating around 3200 calories, and I could easily double that, but that’s just going to get me bloated, tired, and gradually turn me fat and dangerously prediabetic. So I’m going to stick with the strong and skinny way. 

When I eventually decide to cut down and get lean again, it’s going to be easy. A few less carbs, a bit of fat trimming, and I’ll be shedding weight without making any real changes to the routine. But that’s for later!

For all the updates on my physique progress, head here.


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