Use Power Carbs During Training For Better Performance

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Ever wondered why your intensity takes a harsh bump in the later stages of a workout? Evidently, you need to stock up on some more gas in the tank. But even a king-sized meal before training might not be enough if you really want to go the distance when you set your feet in deadlift town.

This is where a healthy dose of sugar can come in handy, even for the folks practicing the dark arts of low carbs and intermittent fasting. An extra injection of fuel during training will give you a few extra reps, and kickstart the recovery process early. You don’t need to be running across the gym in order to get to your post workout shake before time runs out.

For those who are worried about the effects of sugar on insulin, weight training is a metabolically intensive process that is going to comfortably clear out the carbs in the bloodstream, putting you back in whatever state you arrived in. 

50g of the sweet stuff can cover the extent of your workout, just as long as you’re not the type that is still slogging away at the dumbbells two hours later. You can get it pure sugar form, like dextrose, dump it in your beaker, and sip it through the session. Or just grab some gummy bears. Chocolate doesn’t work so well, it has to be zero fat in order to spare the stomach.

A few extra carbs can be the difference between a workout that tails off prematurely and one that gets you reaching personal bests across the session. Don’t sacrifice workout intensity for fat burn, as my last post points out.

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