Listen To Audiobooks To Make Cardio A Breeze

2 min read

So it’s time to finally add more running into your regime. Hopping on a treadmill and setting off on a decent trundle, you stare at the wall in front of you while the playlist starts to kick in. 

“Don’t look at the time.”

“Ah shit.”

“It’s been 20 seconds.”

Making cardio into a mind-numbing necessity will make the sessions drag and suck the life out of your training. And all the while carrying the potential to be a much more enjoyable experience. Not reaching the level of a few rounds of weightlifting, but it gets close.

Next time you’re stepping on the treadmill, try arming yourself with a decent podcast or even an audiobook. All of a sudden you can relax that razer sharp focus over the ticking clock. Your attention gets diverted, and time will start to flow far quicker. 

If you’re intent on being ridiculously productive throughout every waking hour, this is a great solution for making sure those cardio hours don’t go wasted. And if you’re going to the best out of it from a fat loss perspective, you can check out my fasted training guide.

Here’s my latest recommendation out of my list of fitness-related audio books, in case you’re out of ideas.

‘The Chimp Paradox’ – A look at the dynamic between the emotional and rational parts of the brain, and how we can learn to control impulsive behaviour. A perfect book for tackling the diet and stress management.