The Genesis Fitness Membership Site Is In Development

For all of you folks lucky enough to sling weights with me, I have an extra slice of fitness & lifestyle management coming your way. 

The membership section will be piggybacking my new website, and will provide each client with a dashboard containing their plans, progress, fasting protocols, and more. 

Providing it works a treat with my personal training clients, I’ll be heading forward with another section for online clients. It’s already up, but you can consider it in beta-phase.

There’s always a road open from there to setup forums for users so we can do episode recaps on castle rock and whatever else comes up. 

Here’s the current list of features on the membership site, subject to more ocd-fuelled reshuffling.

  1. Client Records
  2. Client Reports
  3. Training Plans
  4. Diet Plans
  5. Nutritional Guide
  6. Fasting & Low Carb Protocols
  7. Recipes
  8. Habit Tracking

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