Protein Shakes Aren’t Just For Gaining Muscle

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If you’re wondering whether to dabble in the protein shake market, but aren’t sure whether it’s right for the weight loss toolkit, here are the facts. Protein is the most satiating calorie, makes you feel full without causing bloating, and protein powder is almost exclusively protein!

Does protein make you gain muscle? Quite possibly, but that’s not going to get you upsizing, not unless you’re in a caloric surplus. Keeping a deficit, coincidentally, is a lot easier if you’re picking up satiating calories for each meal.

Having your own stash of chocolate protein becomes even more important if you’re looking to shed some baggage. It frees you up to try a never-ending list of low-calorie, low-carb recipes that will help keep hunger at arm’s reach while you go all in on an energy-depleting diet. Get a blender and make a mean shake, or just mash it up with a few other ingredients to make a travel-friendly protein bar. Or just dump some in your morning oats.

In terms of value, it doesn’t get better. Cheaper than chicken breast, cheaper than tuna, it comes up trumps even on a student budget. 

Unfortunately I don’t have any coupons to give out at this point.

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