Feeling Hungry And Tired on Low Carbs?

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Going for a keto style diet may seem like an attractive option at first, but often it ends up being a lousy adventure that you quickly back out from. Shaking, fatigue, brain fog are all side effects that typically follow. So you figure that your metabolism just can’t deal without carbs.

Most of the time, that’s simply not true. It’s just the body’s response to a confusing and abrupt change. You just hopped off the sugar train a little too quickly.

When most of your diet is made of carbs, the body is going to be primed to use it as its main fuel source. Suddenly switching between a high fat diet is going to result in a bumpy ride. It takes time for the body to learn to rely on fat for most of its energy needs, especially the brain, which normally runs exclusively on glucose.

A low carb diet might need to be prefaced with an acclimatisation period, where you gradually take out the classic sweet stuff, the alcohol, the bread, the pasta, everything the body uses as fuel. In their place, can be more fibrous options. Sweet potato, chickpeas, lentils, anything you can find that the body isn’t going to treat like table sugar.

Fats should be raised in the meantime, which can be as simple as a tablespoon of butter to whatever food you come across.

Once you’ve swapped out the cupboards full of sugar for fiber, you’ll be far less reliant on a carbohydrate diet, and in a great place to begin the real deep dive into a keto-style food. The side effects should be negligible, and the body should readily switch over to all that ketonic high energy craze.

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