Shake Off The Slumber With Non-Competing Supersets

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Going for a keto-style diet may seem like an attractive option at first, but often it ends up being a lousy adventure that you quickly back out from. Shaking, fatigue, brain fog are all side effects that typically follow. So you figure that your metabolism just can’t deal without carbs.

Training like a powerlifter might get you the strength upgrades that you’re after, but be careful about committing too hard to up the 5-minute naps that follow each set. You’ll be pushing well into the second hour before you feel the sweat starting to prickle. It’s slow, it’s monotonous, and threatens to lose your attention before the gains start to get good.

Supersetting, which simply involves doing two or more exercises back to back, definitely raises intensity. You can get your session wrapped up within an hour, which stops you from risking burnout as the programme progresses. But supersetting comes along with extra fatigue, which knocks your peak weight down a plate. 

The solution would be to strictly superset non-competing muscles, whichever ones won’t take away from your next heavy set. A bench press could be followed by band pull-aparts, dumbbell curls, or even calf-raises. As opposed to pairing it with push-ups or overhead presses, which can get you to premature failure.

Here’s a simple Upper Body workout that uses this formula. By all means, test it out to see if it can finally get your adrenaline kicking without involving olympic lifts and burpees.

Upper Body – Superset Workout

Cable Chest Flyes & Band Pull-Aparts – 3 x 12 & 15
Bench Press & Dumbbell Curls – 4 x 10 & 12
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown & Push-Ups – 3 x 12 & 15
Dumbbell Overhead Press & Pull-Ups – 3 x 12 & 8
Dumbbell Lateral Raises & Rope Pushdowns – 3 x 15 & 15

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