How Cold Showers Boost Your Energy Levels

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The type of shower you’re taking can play a great role in enforcing a healthy routine. Cold showers are brutal, but also make up a far more affordable version of cryotherapy, which is generally done by athletes and other high-flyers to boost recovery and immunity. Dunking your head under freezing water might be the last thing on your mind as you sleepily stagger through the morning ritual, so it’s going to take a strong pep talk before you dive in.

As the jet hits the bare skin, it’s not hard to see your body flying into panic mode and jolting you wide awake. But there’s more to it than sheer fear factor. Weather the storm and hold yourself under the water long enough, and the body will start to produce heat in response. Extra heat will naturally come along with more energy, as they both work through the same mechanism.

And is there any place for warm showers, or should you just resign yourself to panic mode every time you get cleaning? Thankfully, there is, but it’s more beneficial to use it as a sleep aid. Warm showers have a sedative effect, and can be a great boost if you’re too wired approaching bedtime.

Cold showers aren’t the only way you can boost the metabolism in the morning. Check out my article on fasted training, which kills two birds with one stone.

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