Why I’m Putting A Stop To The Fasts

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Before I get crucified as a pseudo faster, this is going to be temporary. Breakfast skipping is an energy-boosting ordeal that everyone should get into. Once I start the plunge of a hard shred diet, breakfasts are once again off the menu. But for now, I need to get my calories in, and two meals isn’t enough to bundle in 4000 gloriously clean calories.

The strength block has nose-dived at the very end, so I’m returning to a favourite old haunt, DUP. That thing that I promised to write a blog post explaining, but never actually did. Well, it’s back. Daily Undulating Periodisation will give me the chance of fitting in high rep muscle pumping burnouts, and heavy joint-crunching singles in the same week. 

My hopeful plan is to get those extra morning calories towards fuelling recovery and actually let me gain a smidgen of weight. 

The mornings where I’ve trialled it haven’t made for spectacular sessions so far, but I’ll continue to chop and change the calories and ingredients to see if I can make it work. If there’s nothing in it for me, I’ll revert back to the happy days of breakfast skipping, with no love lost.

Can You Fast And Still Build Muscle?

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