Fit Fix #18 – Don’t Waste Money On Fitness Supplements

This comes from the heart, as someone who has dabbled excessively in supplements posing as master muscle boosters. The thing is, as long as it’s not a steroid, it’s not going to help in the slightest. The same goes for fat burning, and the myriad of super shredders that get touted for it.

You’re throwing money at things that will, at the very best, add 5% to your progress. That’s nothing compared to the sheer quantity of nutrition available from a balanced low sugar, high protein diet. So you’d be better off saving for a roomba instead.

I’d go ahead and add a few exceptions to the rule. Protein powder is always a great addition to the menu, and is dirt cheap, as long as you avoid the needlessly complicated hydrolysed growth-hormone bcaa powerhouse versions. Creatine works for most people, and doesn’t come at any cost, but again stick to the basic monohydrate edition.

Anything else is probably going to be a luxury. The real danger is found by people who forage for fancy supplements without first addressing the diet itself. Start with the essentials.

Fitness supplements are, for the absolute most part, bunk additions that won’t make a dent on your progress.

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