Genesis Fitness Personal Training Client Spotlight – Liam

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It’s just been over two months in, and this guy’s transformation is flying off the charts. This is what happens when everything gets dialled in. Liam’s been on the money with meal prep, never passing up on a gym date, and turning down the booze on most occasions. 

More importantly, he doesn’t get stressed, and that’s the single main ingredient in carving out a decent transformation. It’s the difference between working with your body, or against it. If you let every little thing get to you, it’s going to be a long road, because the body’s going to be trying to drag you down every step of the way.

The Story So Far In Inches:

Arms – 13 ? 12

Chest – 45 ? 42

Waist – 39 ? 34.3

Hips – 44 ? 41

Thighs – 24.5 ?  23.6

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