The Four Ingredients That Drive A Fitness Transformation

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Why aren’t you getting the results you’re chasing? Your training might just suck, but more often than not, that just crowns off a system that’s in sore need of an overhaul. 

The Four Factors Of A Transformation


At the beginning of any programme, I sit people down and go over the basics that will help them make the best possible start. There are simple easy-to-enforce habits that most aren’t taking, not even those with a few years of lifting wisdom under their belt. Ignoring these factors makes the process a whole lot harder than it has any right to be.

1. Training – Stability

What is the best tool in the gym for gaining muscle? Weights. For shedding fat? Weights. Not to throw cardio under the bus, it just doesn’t tick boxes like resistance training can.

The first thing to master is always stability. If you can keep the weight still and steady, you’ve got yourself the perfect platform to start piling more plates into the mix.

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2. Diet – Lowering Sugar

The best way to go about fixing up practically anyone’s diet is going to be by tightening up on food’s most addictive substance. Sugar.

Unfortunately for those who don’t realise, any carb is effectively sugar. It doesn’t have to taste sweet to be dangerous.

Lowering your sugar intake will be a giant step in conquering cravings, mood swings, inflammation, and building back up your energy levels.

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3. Stress – Deep Breathing

The modern lifestyle is running rampant, and no-one’s getting a special exemption from this. Even if you don’t see yourself as the type to get heated, there are physical sides that are very hard to self-diagnose. It kills your ability to recover from training and holds on to body-fat. The best course is in building a routine, from dawn to dusk, that enables you to avoid stress, deflect it, and alleviate the ones that inevitably get through.

Stress management is the single best way of ensuring a healthy body and mind. Deep breathing just so happens to be the only method for switching your nervous systems from fight-or-flight to resting.

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4. Sleep – 8 Hours In Bed

Sleep has been relegated to a secondary priority, because people see it as a chance to free up a few more hours in order to be more productive. But it doesn’t work like that. Sleep deficiency causes lethargy, chronic stress, reduced focus and puts you at massively elevated risk for disease. Don’t skimp on a healthy bed routine.

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Focusing on these four factors allows for the best possible start for whatever transformation you’re after. Honing in on the essentials of physical and mental fitness will get the body working with you, rather than against. You won’t dread every week and long for the end of the programme, because you’ll actually feel fitter and more focused as it stretches on.

Real results in the gym come down to your ability to absorb the stress of a gruelling session, along with all the small slices of seemingly insignificant trauma that inevitably build over the course of a working day. 

Optimal recovery takes all four factors working together in harmony. You could decide to simply train and sweat harder in order to get the ball moving, but it’s mentally draining and physically unsustainable. 

A transformation that’s worth the hype is going to take at least three months of solid, consistent work. A crash diet paired with high intensity training probably isn’t getting you past the first one.

Book in for a free face-to-face consultation with me at Total Fitness Wrexham and we’ll talk our way through your current fitness routine, and the strategies available for each of the four factors. 

Chances are all you’ll need are a few tweaks to get the ball rolling. 

There’s no hassle involved in booking, just head to the link here to pick whatever slot you’d like.

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