Work On The Blindspots Before You Dial-Up A Transformation

2 min read

I’ve always had a lazer focus on the mental game as the crucial segment of a training programme, and for the next few months it’s going to be more crucial than ever.

Here’s a simple step that most people happily bypass while jumping on a fitness regime. The first point of call should be a self-examination. The point where you pose the hard questions.

This step comes before you add your workouts, diets, morning runs, everything else that promises you a jump start towards your fitness goals.

You can’t train with intensity with just 5 hours of sleep, and expect to get away with it.

You can’t mindlessly reach across for a snack every 20 minutes and still get the results you’re chasing.

You can’t jump up at every stressful situation and still get over the line.

This is crucial. If you were to slog on despite all of these setbacks and somehow still lose weight, gain muscle, it’s not going to be peaking anywhere near your potential. 

The step that needs to be taken, is addressing the current blindspots in your routine that are hampering energy, productivity, and recovery.

It could be insulin resistance, terrible sleep quality, low motivation, propensity to stress, there are a whole myriad of issues that could be dominating your lifestyle. They might not even seem obvious, until you take a step back.

Adding some heat to your training programme will do next to nothing in solving any of these issues, so habits have to be formed that actively target them. Using a system that looks at internal symptoms, rather than adding external factors, is the best way to guarantee your commitment to a transformation.

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