How To Stay In Shape Through The Lockdown

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This shot was taken moments after doomsday began and I started spiralling towards Christian Bale’s machinist transformation.

I’ve taken the pictures, written down the measurements, and now I’m going to sit back, grab some buttered popcorn, and see just how much damage I can take within this doomsday window.

I could always then reverse the pictures and publish a transformation ebook once this is all over. 

All this makes up my preferred option, because I’ve decided through my intense meditation sessions that all this muscle is just part of the illusion of the self.

But to make things more of a challenge, I’m skipping this for a plan B. The diet will continue, the workouts will morph into something other than one rep maxes on barbells, and sleep is getting bumped up to 16 hours to make the most of all this free time.

For clients and curious passers by alike, there’s going to be a ton of content coming your way, and I’m doing my best to make sure it doesn’t blend perfectly with the millions of fitness influencers scrambling to upload their body weight and water bottle workouts.

We’re all in this boat together, besides those nostradamus’ that have their home gyms fitted and ready to go. So we’ll be jumping into the next best option. Bands, and lots of them. 

Try Out My Home Workouts

A simple bodyweight routine is more for the people who just want to burn calories and shun the shape. Bands offer up a steep strength curve that still get the muscles to overload, despite the lack of iron.

Home workouts simply don’t damage the muscles like weights do, which we can spin into a positive. You won’t need as much time to recover, so it’s perfectly fine to never take a day off. Which is just as well, because that could come at the cost of your sanity.

But the real challenge of the apocalypse, besides defying death, isn’t going to be finding a new training toolkit, it’s in maintaining and developing the health driven habits that have been running in the background. 

The diet is going to be a different beast if you’ve been stockpiling processed junk in unlocked cupboards. Productivity can get sunk by the potent team of low motivation and mindless screen time. 

Sleep may seem like an easy one, but even that’s going to be dented by the increase in blue light bathing. If we put everything together while assuming the worst, there’s potential to get taken through a brainwash. In the sense that you build up a mind that’s hardwired to seek out short term cravings and shun the goals that take work.

This is where we might find the real positives to doomsday. It’s going to be a tricky road, but that’s the kind of environment that forces you to get creative. If you have some designs on building a better body, nothing needs to go on standby. In fact, this is a time to make progress unstoppable

Habits can be created or adapted to become forces of nature that keep the clock ticking over. These are what I’d like to call bulletproof habits, keystone actions that survive through all forms of weather.

And all this will hopefully be managed without the need to throw in a motivational quote from a Greek philosopher. I like an inspirational line as much as the next guy, but you’re not getting anything done off the back of a few stirring words. You might feel your heart jump up enough to get you off the couch, but that feeling’s not lasting more than 20 seconds. 

What I’ll offer up instead, are action items, simple but highly effective methods of getting these habits on track. The act of getting your hands on a few resistance bands only makes up one, and there are going to several more key habits that will follow. Let’s keep laying down tracks.

Bulletproof Habits

I’ve already written an article covering the four factors of a fitness transformation, which will now form the foundation for my upcoming bulletproof habits

The Four Factors That Drive A Fitness Transformation

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