Creating Bulletproof Habits

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The world may be in panic, but there’s no reason to put the brakes on your winter goals. If anything, now the work can really begin. Here comes the Apocalypse Cheat Sheet.

Going into full crisis mode naturally sees much of the fitness game shuffled to the back of the priority list. Staying healthy is much more than the sum of washing your hands and circling around strangers on the sidewalk. It’s easy to end up neglecting the real factors that drive your body forward. Those are training, diet, stress, and sleep. If they are working in unison, progress can be unstoppable, and it’s hard to miss a beat.

The Apex Blueprint

Chances are they’ve all been put under some pressure over the past few weeks, and some habits may have dropped out of the picture entirely. You may be at the point where you’re resigned to waiting until the smoke clears. Once that happens, you can kick things up a gear. 

The issue with that, is that motivation is a fickle beast that can never be guaranteed, and the absence of healthy habits lays down the opportunity for damaging replacements to seep in. So fast forward a few months into the future, and it won’t simply be a matter of resuming business. You’ll be more occupied with untangling yourself first.

But at the same time, there’s a way of spinning this plague into a positive, without having to reach too far. A fitness transformation is made by challenging yourself, whether by lifting excessive weight, or testing how long you can go without breakfast.

What we have here, is much of the same. It’s a chaotic change to the day-to-day lifestyle, and your chances of staying sane are massively dependent on how stable your routine is. If you can get through this with healthy habits intact across those four factors, they’re going to become impervious to future challenges. 

That’s a big chunk of the difference between a successful person and an abject one. A winner presses forward with his or her key habits regardless of the situation, even if that means adapting a little.

The programme I will set out over this week, will outline key habits that will be scaled down to the bare minimum. The rules are that each has to be done daily, at a similar time and place, taking less than two minutes to execute. If I decided to shovel an hour of work onto your plate, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself unable to pull the trigger. 

The hardest step of a task is the start itself, and that’s going to make up our grand strategy. We’re going with the basics to begin with, and once the habits take root and begin to feel routine, they can be developed into the final, bulletproof versions. 

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Building Bulletproof Habits

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