A Home Glute Circuit With Just One Resistance Band

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It’s time to jump across to plan B.

This feels like as good a time as any to start brushing up on your home workout skills. The gym’s the ideal place for the business of gaining shape and muscle, but your hopes and dreams don’t have to rest solely there. Especially when it’s a matter of building booty.

And by that, I don’t mean grabbing the last pair of 2kg dumbbells off the shelves and getting started on the first video on your search feed. In all likeliness, that was also the first and last time that fitness model tried out that workout. The vast majority of the home workouts doing the runs right now are pure bs. No, that guy didn’t get his 42’ chest doing clap pushups. And no, you can’t lift water bottles for half an hour and then get your time back.

This is a circuit that I’ve been doing with clients for years, and it’s capable of building muscle without any extras. You only need one band to give it a shot. If you’ve only got the longer bands, you can loop the light resistance one instead.

With dumbbells, you’re unlikely to have weights heavy and varied enough to take the intensity up a gear. Even if you do, it’s probably going to target the thighs far more so than glutes. When you’re training for one particular muscle, you’re going to have to isolate it.

One simple loop band opens up a large array of exercises, and can easily be modified for greater resistance simply by adjusting its placement on the legs. With the use of bands, dumbbells themselves can be used to much better effect. Just use them with, or after a band exercise, and you’ll be able to feel the glutes working far more than usual.

It’s 15-20 minutes of non-stop burning action. 30 reps per leg, while only resting for a short while once you get to the end of the set. 3-4 sets of these and you’re done.

If you’ve beat the curfew and made it to the gym, that’s a great beginning for your workout. If you’re stuck at home, you don’t need to do much more, but you can always follow it with some dumbbells and ab work.

A quick but energetic circuit like this will be an ideal way to kick off your day with a fitness-driven action. Repeated with regularity, a healthy morning habit like this can be the entrance ramp to the highway of good behaviour.

The next workout in my Apocalyptic Cheat Sheet is going to be an Upper Body Workout. Stay tuned for when it drops tomorrow.

Home Resistance Band Upper Body Workout


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