Client Spotlight – Ellie

Two months into our programme and the gains are looking sweet. Or should I say losses.⠀

And by no means are we putting this on hold and waiting for things to blow over. Granted it’s going to be hard to burn as many calories, but then it’s just the matter of controlling intake a little more. ⠀

So continuing the fasting will take some doing, but theres no motivation without a challenge to go against it.⠀

Here’s to another good month 🚰⠀

The Story So Far In Inches:⠀

Arms – 11.2 👇 10.5⠀

Waist – 30.2 👇 28.4⠀

Hips – 37.5 👇 35.5⠀

Thighs – 22.5 👇  21⠀

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