Six Home Workouts With Only Resistance Bands

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The stage has been set now with the content I’ve put out over this week. Your operation to get to a mean kind of lean doesn’t have to splutter to a stop. 

I’ve posted six workout videos that use cheap but deadly resistance bands in place of the missing weights. Two versions that focus on glute training for those looking to build a powerful backside, and four sessions for a more general take on muscle.

In case anyone gets the wrong idea, neither is gender-specific. No-one should want a flat backside, and training arms won’t magically turn you into a hulked up Schwarzenegger. 

So by all means, put aside your misgivings, realise that there’s nothing better you could be doing, and try all of the sessions. Because your itinerary is going to get swamped by all the following workouts I’ll be dropping on your lap. Don’t let them stack up.

Each session can be repeated as often as you like. Week 2 brings new exercises and workouts, but you absolutely can and should bring back the old favourites from Week 1. 

This isn’t crossfit, workouts don’t magically expire after one take. When you take it on again, just go that little bit harder. And as you get the hang of some of the exercises, the session’s are only going to get better. Stability improves drastically with practice, and with that comes strength and muscle.

Unless you’re still working to keep the wheels of industry turning, there’s no reason to take rest days. There’ll be plenty of that each day. But muscles can get a little too sore at first, so you can always go for some slow and steady sunshine exercise while you wait for the all clear.

If you’re looking to over-complicate the process by wondering which session slots in which day, here’s an idea for a weekly layout.

  • Monday – Upper Body
  • Tuesday – Legs
  • Wednesday – Arms and Abs
  • Thursday – Easy Cardio
  • Friday – Upper Body
  • Saturday – Booty
  • Sunday – Booty or Easy Cardio

There you have it. But feel free to use your creative license to train glutes four days in a row. The order doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that you’re getting up and training with intensity. 

The muscle will pack on either way, and keeping a regular exercise routine is the single best way of keeping your hand out of the cookie jar. We’re simple people. Once we’ve done something proactive to look after the body, we steer past things that will put it to waste. 

If you’re stumbling your way through this or still curious, I’m an open book, who’s always free to answer questions. It’s not like I’ll be going anywhere.

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Here are the Week 1 workouts. I’ll be posting another article later today to recap Week 1’s Bulletproof Habits.

Week 1 Workouts

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