Genisis Fitness Client Spotlight – Liam

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Corona may have cancelled summer physiques, but this man’s missed the memo. He’s still making moves while the rest of us desperately hold on to what we have. 

Over three months of our programme, he’s dropped from 100kg to 87.4, losing five inches off the waist, as well as four off the hips. And yes, he probably was happier beforehand. We all were. But it’s too late to turn back.

It does show that the game hasn’t changed too much. The glaring lack of gym time doesn’t automatically derail a transformation. The emphasis is still on dietary restraint, exercise is just that happy bonus that lets you add a little bit extra to the plate. 

So just eat even less, drink ten litres of water a day so you’re forced to pile up the steps between bed and bathroom, and that’s it. In spite of everything lockdown throws at you, you’re golden. Science simplified.

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