What I’ve Learned From Fasting During Lockdown

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Weighed in today at 85.2kg, which is 1.5 down since suffering the double blast of becoming gym and jobless. I’m committed to continuing the fat loss programme, because who needs a holiday to diet for? The weak ones.

The fasts are regularly hitting 20 hours, and I’ve pushed the first meal across to 3-4pm. There are days where that feels like a bad idea, but then I realise the fridge is empty, and the cupboards are just stacked with creatine and brain pills. Running to the shop to grab a snack could get me arrested. So I haven’t given myself a choice. 

That’s the best way to diet, set the day up so that you have no option but to take the discomfort that occasionally comes your way. With fasting, feelings of starvation aren’t a regular feature. It drops by for a stretch of 15-30 minutes, then it leaves and you’re sat wondering whether you were hungry in the first place.

Each morning I’m heading out to join the rest of chester on the cycle path for some much needed sunshine and cardio. Naturally over the course of the bulk I’ve dropped the ball a little bit and avoided the endurance stuff for the most part. I’d warm-up and cooldown for the weights with a gentle treadmill walk, and that was my heart healing quota done for the day. 

I’ve tried a few sessions on the bike, a couple of runs, and it’s been atrocious. At this point, I’d be stealing a living as a trainer. So that’s given me an extra mission to carry out during the lockdown. Stop breathing so hard. 

I’ll be interested to see if my oura ring shows my breathing rate slowing down as the sessions pick up pace. Right now I’m just under 18 breaths a minute. Which is probably quite low for a general meathead, but not great for someone who wants to reach their best physical self.

Stretching is one more extra activity I’ve thrown into the mix. Again, I should have already been doing it regularly, but there’s no point dwelling on it. There’s a few decades worth of tightness there that I need to work on reversing. 

As far as the positives go, there are many. My energy is starting to peak, sleep has considerably improved, so I’m not lacking in the willpower and focus I need to keep pushing forward. And it’s all going to ultimately work to continue building up my brand of fitness. The better I get, the more I’ll be able to provide for clients and followers. The biggest benefits are always gained from looking inwards.

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