Quick Fit Fix – Coffee Is A Superfood For Fasting

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Starting your day with a brew of high-quality coffee should be right at the top of your fasting toolkit

And it’s not just due to the usual reasons. Caffeine is more than an energy booster, it also appears to block the buildup of inflammation in the brain. Coupling that with the fact that it’s the world’s number one source of antioxidants, and its impact of cognition and focus is pretty remarkable.

Butyric acid has been found in coffee, which is another compound that decrease inflammation, while increasing ketone production.

Caffeine boosts insulin sensitivity, which is one of the most important markers of a healthy, lean lifter. Without this state, carbs are absorbed poorly, which is a key driver of inflammation.

As for inflammation itself, it’s basically stress. When it’s chronically high, it’s going to impair pretty much every function in the body. So in the context of fitness, fat loss and muscle gain are both taking knocks.

So it’s worth taking advantage of a morning coffee. It might be worth skipping on the cheap stuff, as they have been shown to include mold toxins in the package. But hey, every silver lining.

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