Struggling To Get Your Veggies In? Fiber Powder Can Be A Gamechanger

This is a difficult time to be getting your healthy food quotas in, especially when it comes to vegetables. It takes some justification to be heading to the shop every few days to be loading up on perishables, and it also takes a ton of vegetables to hit your fibre requirements each day. 

So chances are you’ll be running low on supplies, and dreading another trip out in the apocalypse.

You could technically get away without fibre, but it’s just not a good road to go down. Fibre is a huge mover in both gut health (the second brain), and satiety. But you don’t just get it from vegetables, a simple fibre powder can be slotted in to provide many of the same effects. It’s inexpensive, and dreadfully easy to add in.

Obviously you’re missing out some minerals and vitamins, but you’ll still get the bonuses to mood, digestion and fullness. I switch between inulin powder and psyllium husk to get in my quota, either throwing it on top of beef, or mixing it into a shake. The texture actually isn’t too bad, I promise.

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