Stepping On The Scale Every Day Can Help Adherence And Weight Loss

This is something I’ve been doing religiously for years. Whenever I’m on a diet, and regardless of how disappointing the last day was, I’ll step on the scales and face the damage.


And there’s good evidence for that, with this study showing that weighing every day led to greater adoption of weight control behaviors and produced greater weight loss compared with weighing most days of the week.


Ignorance is bliss, and that’s often the preferred route when it comes to dealing with a fat day, but it’s imperative to keep the mind on track.


A consistent routine is the best weapon you have at your disposal. Being able to check and review your performance is very much a key part of that.


By checking your daily numbers, you’ll likely see that the weight might be bouncing up and down, but it’s steadily dropping. 

I use Zero Calorie Fasting for tracking both my weight and fasts.




Sama Hoole

Sama Hoole

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