A Morning Walk In Sunshine Can Help You Sleep At Night

You might be best off using your outside allowance first thing in the morning.


Because your skin reacts to sunlight by producing serotonin, which over the course of the day, converts to melatonin. Just as the following study states.


“When people are exposed to sunlight or very bright artificial light in the morning, their nocturnal melatonin production occurs sooner, and they enter into sleep more easily at night.”


Melatonin is the hormone that is critical in getting you to sleep, and then making sure you have the deepest sleep possible.


And without that early dose of sunlight, the lack of serotonin will lead to melatonin building up too late into the night, wrecking your chances of waking up with a clear head.


This is an excellent example of simple actions having far reaching consequences. 


What you do at the very start of the day heavily influences how well you’ll do on the following day.




Sama Hoole

Sama Hoole

Personal Trainer, Online Coach, DW Wrexham

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