Introducing The Band Bible – The Go-To Home Resistance Band Training Programme

Try out this bicep finisher at the end of any workout. But preferably an upper body one.

All you’ll need is one set for a knockout.

20 reps on Pronated Curls

20 reps on Hammer Curls

20 Reps on Supinated Curls


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It’s about time I released a home workout programme for you guys, so unless my laptop catches fire, The Band Bible will be dropping at the beginning of next week.


For those of you without the money, space, or inclination to cram a home gym in your apartment, resistance bands are the next best thing.


The Band Bible will be your go-to catalogue for every muscle-building band exercise, and will be set over an 8 week programme. I’ll extend it to 12 if we’re still in a pickle.


It will be perfect whatever level you’re at. Which after three weeks of lockdown, will probably be as a beginner.


Using a band is much like using a machine. Find somewhere stable to anchor one end, and then pick the resistance that suits you.


In order to keep the diet going without going full slimming world, you need to keep testing the muscle with resistance. Let the bands be your saviour.

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