How Processed Foods Get You Fat

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Processed foods are tasty, convenient, come with billions of marketing might behind them, but the important thing to grasp, are the physical mechanisms that compel us to veer towards a dangerous dance with diabetes. 

A study was conducted recently, taking two groups through unprocessed and processed diets, with total calories matched. And would you have guessed, the group eating processed foods overate by 500 calories a day. They gained weight, and the other group lost weight.

And here’s why

1. These foods were composed of refined grains, sugar, and vegetable oils. Which makes them high in both carbs and fat, the perfect blend if you’re trying to pile on the pounds. 

2. The protein was slightly lower, which makes a huge difference. A diet’s success can often be measured by the protein to energy ratio. It’s the most satiating of the threeBefore you type out a comment, yes, it is due to overeating. 

 macronutrients, so when it dips, cravings ensue.

3. Compared to the other group, the participants had higher levels of ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone. While also having lower levels of PYY, which is an appetite suppressing hormone. 

So the takeaway is that there is something in the nature of processed foods that causes the hormones to shift towards fat gain. For the success of your diet, you may want to steer away from the middle aisles on your next supermarket raid.

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How Processed Foods Get You Fat

Sama Hoole

Personal Trainer, Online Coach, DW Wrexham

How Processed Foods Get You Fat

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