Five Ways To Start Fixing A Flat Butt

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No matter how many squats you’re throwing at it, the glutes aren’t growing. The posterior is remaining closer to a pancake than a peach, and the thighs seem to be getting all the work instead. If you’re looking to solve this head-scratch, the answer isn’t just to train harder. Here are some better options.

1 – Grab some resistance bands

Having one or two mini bands can really help the glute game. Keeping them wrapped around your knees while doing the standard squat can up the stress significantly. The gluteus maximus, the boss muscle of the posterior, contributes to abduction and external rotation of the leg. Pushing the knees out against the band does just that, so you’re forcing the glutes to fire on multiple angles. Consider it essential for hump day.

2 – Throw in more frequency

Almost always a winner. If you’re going with a Bro Split, week beginning with Chest day, legs getting the business on a Thursday, then the bets are on the wrong horse. Women tend to average the best results at 3-5 times per muscle per week, so a fun 1 would be well short. A better split might be the following:

Monday – Whole Body

Wednesday – Glutes

Thursday – Upper Body

Friday – Glutes

Saturday – Whole Body

3 – Get Thrusting

Best glute builder bar none. There has to be a compound exercise where you can really pile the plates on and stamp on the muscle. Hip Thrusts also build the top half of the glutes better than squats, deadlifts or lunges. Often lifters can have well-developed hamstrings and lower glutes, but no shelf at the top.

One of the biggest issues people have with thrusting, is that it looks vaguely like you’re humping the air. That might require some tackling.

4 – Stretch Those Hips

If the hip-flexors are particularly tight, then the opposite side, the glutes, gets relaxed and weakened. Sinking down into some pain-happy stretches work if done on a daily or nightly basis. Just tune out and contort your body into new positions, and the matter might resolve itself in a few weeks or so.

5 – Eat More

Worth a punt if you’re not sure. There’s always the chance that you’re training right but not shovelling down enough food to spark some changes. If bodyweight’s stagnant or even on a downward slide, the glutes aren’t going to add much shape.


How’s your training been faring so far during the lockdown? Share your thoughts in the comments, and subscribe below for more useful content. Thanks for reading.

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