Why Should You Train With Sama Hoole?

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Hey, I’m Sama. I’ve been working as a personal trainer and pseudo therapist at Total Fitness Wrexham for more than four years at this point, and I’ve settled my focus on helping general population clientele build up physiques that feel just as good as they look.


We’ll be calling them ‘gen pop’ from now on, to save bandwidth.

Are You Gen Pop?

If you’re anyone short of a competitive athlete, then that’s a yes, without any intention of dragging you down a notch. This merely means that fitness is not the one reason you wake up in the morning. There’s a bunch of other jobs that you have to juggle alongside your aspirations to look like a Greek statue. Work, family, pets, not to mention the hobbies that don’t include slamming down a protein shake, there’s a lot that needs dealing with.

This is where I’m the happiest, because it’s a reflection of the route I’ve taken so far, which has been taking average genetics and making them overperform.

I say that while acknowledging that every coach comes packaged with a magical story on how they overcame all odds to get to their pedestal. Everyone’s become that perfect mixture of special and ordinary.

I’d like to distance myself from being associated with this mindset. Since signing up for a gym membership seven years ago, I haven’t had to sweat and bleed to get this far, or succeed in spite of all the naysayers.

Instead, I’ve had to learn an honest truth.

Life doesn’t begin once you manage to whittle down to the six-pack.

It doesn’t kick off once you crack a hundred kg on a bench press.

The magic comes when you realise the process, the daily grind, is all that really matters. That’s how anyone can build themselves up to be unstoppable, by setting up the perfect ordinary day. Transformations just become a matter of when.

There’s always the option of living off sheer drive and motivation. Going in hard. Training insane. It doesn’t work. The brain isn’t built to last at 100 miles an hour. Eventually there’s a slump, or a glorious somersault off the rails.

And my job, as with all my content on this website, is to coach others to fall in with the process. Set goals, but don’t dwell on them. Focus on what you’re doing today. If you’re building something spectacular, you better make every brick count.

Now that you’ve received your daily dose of fit influencer wisdom, send me a message or jump over to my blogs to start the evolution.



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