Banish Early Morning Tiredness With By Doing Push Ups While Holding Your Breath

There are going to be days where you wake up under a heavy cloud of brain fog, and it’s worth keeping a few tricks to shake out of that slumber. And if it’s every day, then you definitely should be doing something to change the status quo. 


Coffee can work, but it’s not a good idea to rely on something external to make you feel better. That’s the whole issue that makes us overeat, so we don’t want to work through the same channel.


Instead, a few rounds of push ups can get you up and running. Exercise is already a perfect tool for mornings, as I’ve explained in this article, and we’re going to combine it with hyperventilating. It might sound a little voodoo, but give it a try.


Here are the steps.


1. Breathe in deeply, exhale partially, for 30 rounds.

2. On the last exhale, make sure you breathe out completely.

3. Without breathing in, perform as many push ups as you can.

4. If you can’t do normal push ups, just do them against the sofa instead.

5. Repeat this two more times and see if you feel any differently. Chances are the fog will have vanished.


And there’s a good chance you’ll even end up doing more push ups than usual!



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Sama Hoole

Sama Hoole

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