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Training From The Sofa’s Reach

This is unlike anything you’ve tried before

  • 97 Muscle-Focused Resistance Band Exercises
  • Use Minimal Equipment For Intense Sessions
  • Follow An 8 Week Programme
  • Just £4.99

Lock away the crisps and get a strong brew going.

Here’s the burning question of the lockdown. Can you gain muscle using resistance bands? They look a little flimsy and unsuspecting, but when stretched they transform into a ton of force. And that’s ultimately all that needs checking off if you’re in the business of gaining muscle. 

I’ve been using bands for years during my workouts, because even when there’s enough dumbbells lying around, there’s a need to switch up the angles. 

You can use bands much like you’d use a weight machine. Just find somewhere to hook one end, and you can put the muscles to work from pretty much every conceivable direction. In the Band Bible, I’ve laid out nearly a hundred of them.

Will you see a huge difference using this programme? That is going to hinge on what you do with three factors that should be whirring away in the background. A steady diet, good stress management, and a solid night of sleep. If they’re set and ready to go, this plan can do some amazing damage.

The Band Bible Is A Perfect Fit, If You…

Haven’t got access to a home gym like those rockefellers 

Are happy to try a slightly different training approach than you’re used to

But would still like to gain strength and muscle 

Train best when there’s plenty of variety and flavour in the workouts

Have reached any point in the experience ladder – Whether you’ve been at it for two weeks or five years, the difficulty just depends on what band you’re using.

To make it part of a complete fitness plan, I’ve included a free month of online coaching along with the purchase. That gives you 24/7 text and video support that can help you unstick any issues that come up when you’re loop the band around a wonky door handle. 

As Well As The Following features…

A customised meal plan that leads you through your choice of diet. I’m not necessarily going to push you into fasting.

Continued nutritional support such as food diary feedback and diet proof recipes.

Setting up keystone habits that can fuel your lifestyle. 

All Access Membership for £19.99

Band Workouts, Keto Cookbooks, Custom Meal Plans, Bulletproof Habits….And It Doesn’t Stop There.

Start Building Your Best Body

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