Tips To Naturally Boost The Immune System Against Corona – #1 The Cold Shower Treatment


Taking a plunge into brisky waters might seem like a step into the unknown, but when you think about it, it’s a natural phenomenon. If you were out in the wilderness, what would your chances be of finding a steaming hot water for hosing down? 


And cold showers are getting an increasing amount of positive press in the scientific community. A study took 3,000 participants through three months of following their regular warm showers with a 30-90 seconds of the cold treatment.


These individuals self-reported a 29% reduction in sick leave. When the study wrapped up, two thirds of them opted to continue with the routine, despite the obvious discomfort. Whether it’s the increased energy, lowered stress, there’s a solid chance you’ll start enjoying yourself once you get past the initial hyperventilations. 


So if you decide to give cold showers a go, ease into it. Start warm, and turn it down right at the end.


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Sama Hoole

Sama Hoole

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