5 Ways To Ensure You Don’t Overeat During Mealtime

2 min read

It’s not simply a matter of following a meal plan to the bitter end. Pursuing a diet without making meaningful changes to your routine, can do little more than mask underlying issues. If you’re a serial binge eater, that habit’s not dying easy. Once the diet ends; those problems inevitably resurface, and the weight balloons back up.

How to avoid this slippery slope? Make simple changes to the way you eat meals, and set yourself up for the long term, beyond the diet. So here are a few ways of encouraging portion control

1- Drink A Glass Of Water Before Your Meal
Filling up the tank will put a dampener on hunger in the immediate short term, allowing you a chance to eat at a steady pace.

2- Eat The Vegetables First
The fiber accomplishes the same as water, while also slowing down digestion. If food takes longer to process, you’re going to be kept full until the next meal or snack hits its time slot.

3- Use Smaller Plates And Forks
A lot of food and appetite is intrinsically linked with visuals, so smaller plates will make the portions look bigger and more satisfying. As for forks, that’s also keeping you busy for a while longer.

4- Stop At 80% Full
It takes some practice to figure out when your appetite is at 80% capacity, but it makes a huge difference. Stop here and your stomach will continue digesting food, hitting a feeling of fullness a few minutes later.

5- Stick To One Serving
Avoid seconds and commit to your portions, this will help you avoid overeating for the sake of it, while making you more aware of how much is going on your plate.


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