The Best Time To Start A Diet Is Six Months Ago

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It’s been five weeks now since the diet began, or at least it feels like five. Things got blurred soon as I stopped counting down days till the weekly cheat day. That’s the one upside I forgot to mention in the last article. It keeps you anchored.

Here are the stats so far. 7kg down, and I wasn’t particularly chubby to begin with.

  • Weight 90 – 83
  • Arm 14.9 – 14
  • Chest 41.3 – 39
  • Waist 30.7 – 29.8
  • Hips 40.7 – 38.9
  • Thigh 23.5 – 24.2

The fact I’m always technically dieting might mean I don’t get to cut loose and pig out that often, but now I can keep the starvation phases pretty short.

It also makes this diet pretty much effortless for me, because what I’m eating hasn’t really changed from the bulking phase. It’s still low carbs, and it’s still without breakfast. All I’ve done is tweak the portion sizes slightly and stretch out the fasting window a little longer.

In this fashion, I’m able to sneak through the diet and steal away a few pounds of fat before the body starts getting suspicious.

That’s the gist of what I’m getting at with the headline. It sounds demotivational, but this is how you become a fat-burning machine. By setting up habits, sticking with the schedule, and keeping the metabolism ticking across the year. When you finally start the diet itself, it’s a formality.

Dieting is so much easier, faster, even a little fun, when you’ve already done the groundwork. Treating a bulk as a chance to live more is only going to make you feel lousy and leave you with a few extra months of work.

The best diet is going to be made up of foods that you’ve already tried and actually enjoy. That keeps you from scrolling through foodporn hashtags every evening, just to get those glimmers of the promised land. It’s a ticking time bomb that’s only going to get worse with every week. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get through a meal of watered oats.

Beyond the mental upside, sticking with regular foods allows the digestive system to optimise itself to the point where you’re not getting disappearing under a cloud after every big meal.

That’s why I’ve warned against carb cycling before. If you’re going to do low carbs, you should be doing it every day barring the odd slip-up or social outing. That’s how it becomes a real transformative diet, instead of the latest failed attempt to change it up.

And it’s in that spirit that I’ve started building my Protein Keto Cookbook. It’s going to be stacked with high protein, high fat, low carb recipes, that you can weaponise in the battle against sugar. I’ll continue to add to the list of recipes on my blog, so you can check them out here.

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