Add Theanine To Your Coffee To Reduce The Jitters

2 min read

So having a strong brew can be your morning enabler, that thing that actually helps you function while fasting. But for some of you, it won’t be the smooth experience like those commercials paint it out to be. You get anxious, scatterbrained, and it becomes hard to get anything done.

Stress might be worthwhile if you have a workout to crush, but if you’d prefer to have a steady morning, then coffee can become part of the problem. As someone who deals with anxiety, I always like to opt for the gentle road. Fortunately there’s a simple addition that can ease the nerves.

Think about how drinking tea feels compared to coffee. Chances are you’re calmer, more relaxed. A big part of that is due to L-Theanine, which helps chill you out while retaining focus. Caffeine on the other hand, can knock the pendulum the other way. You get more energetic, but at the cost of the monkey brain. So why not combine the two together? It’s inexpensive, a potent anti-anxiety supplement, there aren’t really any stakes here.

How To Apply The Fix

For dosing, just dunk 200mg of L-Theanine in your coffee. If you’re taking caffeine in pill form, combine that with 100mg of caffeine. Basically you’re doubling the caffeine dosage in theanine content.


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