7 Big Benefits Of A High Protein Keto Diet

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High Protein Keto Is Still Keto

There a plenty of people missing a trick these days by chasing high ketones. Since protein leads to an uptick in gluconeogenesis, and the extra dose of blood sugar that follows, ketone readings can take a knock. So for those who are in keto for the magical effects of ketones, protein looks almost as bad as carbs.

And while ketones do have spectacular effects on the metabolism, such as eroding insulin resistance and boosting brainpower, it’s a stretch to suggest a reduced ketone count wipes out those bonuses. For a deeper dive into why a high protein diet is still very much ketogenic, you can read my guide on the carnivore diet. Also known as the ultimate high protein affair.

Is Carnivore Really A Ketogenic Diet?

As for this matchup, there are a host of benefits with a high fat, high protein diet. Just as long as the carbs aren’t invited to the party. People chasing the ketone count often pull the fat : protein percentage to 80% and 20% of total calories, whereas a high protein version will be around 65% and 35%.

1. Lowered Appetite

By getting rid of the sugar rollercoaster, and the rabid periods of hypoglycemia that pull you towards the fridge, you’ve already scored a major win in the war against snacking. And then there’s the small matter of protein being the most satiating macro. Fat itself, in particular saturated fat, has its own special mechanisms to further reduce appetite.

The Perks Of Saturated Fat

2. Raised Fat Burning

By taking glucose out of the picture, you’ve then removed the body’s main brake on fat loss. Insulin. When insulin is being secreted into the bloodstream, fat loss is literally brought to a standstill. If you’re eating carbs throughout the day, every few hours, there’s barely a window for any blubber burning to take place.

10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

3. No Fat Storage

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Insulin does. So you’ve also taken out the risk of ballooning back up in weight at the end of the diet.

Preventing The Post-Diet Weight Rebound

4. Muscle Retention

The sky high numbers of protein protects your muscles from breaking down over the diet. And if you’re worried about the absence of insulin, don’t be. It may be known as the anabolic hormone, but the amino acid leucine can happily slot in to play its role.

How Keto Prevents Muscle Loss

5. Gut Health

Dropping the carbs takes a whole bunch of inflammatory foods out of the picture, foods that would normally be tearing away at the gut lining. That would be the delicate layer that’s protecting your insides from the outside world. Without plant toxins, the gut now gets the chance to begin healing itself.

The Hidden Dangers Of Plant Toxins

6. Lowered Stress

getting light exposure in the morning

The lack of inflammatory foods, combined with the calming effects of ketones, will have a profound level of stress relief across the body. Dropping carbs makes you grumpy? It’s quite the opposite.

How Keto Beats Stress

7. Better Sleep

The drop in inflammation can then free the body to focus on recovery. Half the reason you’re waking up with a cloudy head after a cozy eight hours under the covers, is because you’ve just had to go through another ride on the sugar rollercoaster.

For more tips on starting keto, check out my beginner guide. I also have a decent collection of high-protein keto-proof recipes which you can reach through the drop-down box at the top.

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