Motivation Won’t Get You To Your Fitness Goals

2 min read

With summer goals rolling up, you might be still perched on the outside looking in. You know what you want, and likely, what it’s going to take to get there. The struggle is in keeping up the willpower burning over for the months of training and dieting lying ahead of you. 

The key thing to realise here, is that you can’t run off motivation alone. There needs to be a set routine at the heart of it.

To a point, motivation works. On a good week, it’s smooth sailing. You’re on top, not a glitch in the game. Every training session turns into a two hour marathon because you’re just so revved up. 

Next week you storm into Monday with four hours of sleep, five assignments on the go, and no meals prepped and stored. You just about crawl into the gym on Monday, but end the night with a takeaway, and now motivation starts to stutter.

If you’ve been feeding off it up to now, the next course of action is to lose all momentum in its absence and take a quick vacation from the gym until it starts up again. 

You could also flick through Instagram for top tier physiques to get yourself pepped up, but the effect won’t last more than 30 seconds. By the time you put the phone down, the well’s empty again, and lethargy sets back in. 

Motivation can’t be relied on, because it’s too susceptible to events occurring around and inside you. If these events take a turn for the worse, there isn’t much you can grasp at to keep you grinding away your fitness goals.

So here’s what you can do instead: focus on entrenching habits in your week and muster up the discipline to keep them running through fair and foul weather. 

Take a big jug of water along with you, hit the gym every other day, find whatever healthy habits that you can juggle alongside the daily lifestyle. Repeat them long enough to see results, and you will have reached a sustainable way of repleting motivation. Just don’t draw too much from that well at the beginning.

Train For The Process, Not The Outcome

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